Welcome to CQB, LLC & RPF Publishing. Owned and operated by Chuck Habermehl, a decorated U.S. Marine Vietnam Veteran who served his country from 1971 to 1975. During his 38 years in law enforcement, he achieved the rank of Deputy Chief in an active urban jurisdiction of Miami-Dade County.

In 1994, Habermehl founded the training company Direct Action Defensive Systems, followed by the CQB-Close Quarters Battle, Inc., and CQB, LLC, headquartered in Florida. He has trained thousands of police and military personnel inside and outside the U.S., including many top-tier elements.

Habermehl has decades of experience in various hand-to-hand fighting systems; He managed a Marine Corps gym facility; spent 10 years as a police academy senior defensive tactics instructor at the Southeast Florida Institute of Criminal Justice in Dade County, Florida; and 16 years as Director of Training at Volusia County Sheriff’s Office before retiring in 2016.

Habermehl developed CQB training enhancements adopted by many organizations and has written and produced several tactical training manuals, books and DVDs reserved for LEO and military units. His 2011 book Depictions: Poems About Warriors and War, Habermehl’s first book made available to the public at the time, was awarded a gold medal by the Military Writers Society of America.

Habermehl continues research for various tactical white papers. He is a graduate of the University of Miami.


Books & DVDs by Chuck Habermehl

Christ's Purple Heart: Killed In Action Body Resurrected

RPF Publishing; 1st Ed., 128 pgs.
Released December 1, 2023

Christ's Purple Heart: Killed In Action Body Resurrected (c. 2023) is a special 128-page narrative on the final days and hours of Christ's life from the perspective of a hand-to-hand, close quarters combative tactician, Chuck Habermehl. Habermehl found support in the study of crucifixion and in numerous books on the life of Jesus Christ and in period books on warfare in the region and medicine, each listed in the book’s 35 references.

As stated in Christ's Purple Heart, “Jesus had His marching orders in AD30, with His operation planning and methods being similar to classic small-unit tactics. There was the occupier and the occupied, the ally and the axis, good and evil.”

Regarding the horrific physical tortures Christ endured, Habermehl elaborates on descriptive injuries that are typically missing from most accounts of Christ’s death. While we know what can happen today when violent hostile crowds form, “it is no surprise what happened to Christ during a far more barbaric time.”

"Four chapters of Christ's Purple Heart are dedicated to the mechanisms of His dying: interrogating, scourging, beatings and the crucifixion. During all of this, Jesus possessed all the attributes of a brave and disciplined warrior, willing to sacrifice Himself for His unit, the mission and mankind." While He is deserving of so many honors, including a Medal of Honor, it is because of His physical injuries Habermehl focuses on Christ's Purple Heart.

Christ's Purple Heart: Killed in Action Body Resurrected
ISBN 9780972587655
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Past Publications
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Depictions: Poems About Warriors and War c. 2011, 2012 Gold MWSA

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Police Combatives: Violent Encounter Resolution c. 2006

The Art of High Risk Entry c.2006

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