Entry Squad Training

CQB is a company dedicated to the mission of Special Operations High Risk Training. We specialize in all facets of close quarters battle and offer high-speed training that will increase the effectiveness of your unit's members, ensuring that they remain superbly skilled, safe and highly versatile.

We have taught thousands of personnel, including local, state, federal and private law enforcement officers, as well as U.S. and foreign military members.

CQB realizes that each operation is different, that is why all of our programs can be tailor-made to fit your specific mission.

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CQB . . . Combat Proven
PO Box 229228 Glenwood, FL 32722
New Number (386) 804-1894 Formerly (386) 740-1615
Toll Free: (866) 613-7428
E-Mail: cqb@bellsouth.net
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