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CQB – Close Quarters Battle, is a company dedicated to the mission of Special Operations Training. We specialize in all facets of close quarters battle. CQB, offers high speed training that will increase the effectiveness of your unit's members; ensuring that they remain superbly skilled, safe and highly versatile.

CQB's training is combat proven around the world with U.S. and foreign military members and local, state, and federal law enforcement officers.

We are proud to have shared tactics with some of the most respected and recognized units in the world.
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Contact us for tactical training in close quarters combat, SWAT, Shoothouse Instruction, high-risk entry, hostage rescue and other combat proven tactics

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Obtain the highest caliber, globally practiced police, SWAT, and special forces close quarters battle training available at Close Quarters Battle, ™   From Rural Ops to Small Unit Urban Warfare, Close Quarters Battle, ™'s variety of training options are suitable for any combat situation. Our instructors are armed with extensive operational experience and combat training knowledge in the disciplines of counter terrorism, handling a suicide bomber, hostage rescue and high risk entry. These necessary skills will equip your special operations unit or first responder with proven close quarters combat tactics to survive on the field of battle. Contact Close Quarters Battle, ™, to increase your combat preparedness today.

Combat Proven Tactics

 Host a CQB program at no charge and get free slots. Call today (386) 804-1894 or email us at cqb@bellsouth.net

Soldiers with machine gunsCall today for information on CQB, ™'s combat training assessments.

  • Shoothouse Accreditation

  • SWAT Team Assessment

  • SWAT Team Accreditation



CQB . . . Combat Proven
PO Box 229228
Glenwood, Florida 32722
New Number (386) 804-1894
Formerly (386) 740-1615
Toll Free : (866) 613-7428

CQB Tactics
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Courses include tactical training in the following areas:

  • SWAT Training

  • Police Training

  • Military Training

  • Hostage Rescue

  • High Risk Entry

  • Counter Terrorism

  • Shoothouse Instructor

  • Protective Services

  • Counter Ambush

  • Active Shooter

  • Combatives

  • Combat Leadership

  • Officer Survival

  • Critical Incident Response

  • Sniper Development

  • Field Force

  • Waterborne Ops

  • Vehicle/Aircraft Assaults

  • Counter Highjacking

  • Cockpit CQB

  • Ship's Bridge CQB

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CQB . . . Combat Proven
PO Box 229228 Glenwood, FL 32722
New Number (386) 804-1894 Formerly (386) 740-1615
Toll Free: (866) 613-7428
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